Samantha Reece

A veteran of the property sector, Samantha is renowned for creating dynamic marketing strategies for major property developers including Finbar, Satterley Property Group and Clough Property.


Her innate ability to review research and identify unique areas of strength has resulted in maximum sales and price growth for development properties (greenfields and high density) across Australia. 


Projects that Samantha pioneered included Heritage Park, St Quentins, St Louis, Dunsborough Lakes and Pelago.


Samantha is a judge of the Property Council WA (PCAWA) Retail Awards for Excellence and a member of the PCAWA Residential Committee.


An engaging speaker, Samantha has presented to UDIA, Property Council and Planning Institute of Australia conferences on numerous topics.


Samantha is a member of the UDIA, Property Council and Australian Marketing Institute (AMI).

Beth Dungey

Beth has over 25 years experience in market research, with 10 years focusing on the property sector. 


She delights in finding those insights that explain the buyer and seller behaviour, and has the uncanny skill of being able to view masses of data and pull out the true gems that give clients a clear competitive advantage.


Through trend analysis of sales data to identify what is selling and why, to focus groups and depth interviews to explain the motivation of buyers and how they respond to marketing, Beth is equipped to provide valuable insights.


For that reasons she has established a credible reputation for making sense of property.


Beth is a member of the Australian Market and Social Research Society and is accredited as a Qualified Practicing Market Reseacher (QPMR).

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PropertyESP is a group of property experts – analysts, marketers, PR people, sales experts – who understand Australia’s obsession with property and love to share that knowledge.


At PropertyESP, we appreciate property and exploring what is being sold and how that is changing over time.  We like to get behind the trends to see what people are buying and selling at the local level.


We share our knowledge with our clients so they can make informed decisions when developing, buying and selling property. 


We believe that better understanding leads to better decision-making.

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