Market analysis


Members of REIWA, our team can download and analyse sales data across regions, time periods and in conjunction with ABS data.


This means if you want to know sales volumes, value appreciations (or depreciations) and who is buying in these areas, we can give this data to you in concise formats.


So if you are considering investing in a location or developing an estate or apartment complex, you want to start with the PropertyESP team first.

Customised research 


We have often created research studies for our clients to determine satisfaction, price sensitivity and buyer loyalty.


We can conduct a variety of research studies including focus groups and depth interviews, mail and online or telephone surveys, to ensure that you gather accurate data which can help shape future projects.


We woud be happy to meet with your team to determine the most cost effective methodology for your next development project.



Workshop presentations


Our clients often want to share the data that they unearth with their staff, clients or shareholders.


Samantha Reece is highly experienced with presenting analytical data in a way which creates a depper understanding but also a sense of action.


After all - once you have the data you want your team to act on it!


Call and speak to Sam today on how she can motivate your team to maximise the sales for your property projects.

Our services


PropertyESP has harnessed the skills of our team to create a research service unlike any other.  We know WA Property and we report in clear hard facts.  We don't just gloss over with superficial data such as mean and median - we drill down....because the devil is in the detail!