Time to compete

So we are hearing in the marketplace that it is taking longer to get property sales over the line. In particular buyers are taking up to three months and in some instances visiting the sales office five times before they sign on the dotted line.

With the increased competition, especially in locations such as the Springs and East Perth, buyers are virtually able to shop around as if they were looking to purchase a car – not an apartment.

These kinds of signs tend to trigger the need for developers and sales agents alike to become more focused on what they are selling and how it outperforms any of their competitors.

However, after conducting phantom shops for a number of clients recently, we are clearly seeing that agents have in fact not changed their modus operandus.

Typically sales agents address what I call the first step i.e. they meet and greet the buyer – but what they fail to do – is the remaining three steps in the sales process!

During these competitive times – sales agents need to delve deeper with their buyers and determine their real motivations, brag about the project and then finally close the sale!

And quite frankly we also do not accept the excuse that the majority of visitors are tyre kickers!

We believe that no one visits an apartment sales office unless they are considering buying an apartment. Generally buyers just need to hear the right information (pitch) and they will commit.

We become really irate when we hear an agent say they had 60 people through the sales office – but that they were all tyre kickers and hence no sales contracts were written!

There is something amiss with this statement – and there is no guessing what it is (PS the sales agent’s motivation!).

If you – like us – are also standing around and scratching your head about why your sales staff are not gaining traction then call PropertyESP.

We are happy to phantom shop as well as work with your team to give them the rev up and go, they may need at this stage!

There are still sales being made and if you want the lion’s share, then now is the time to get off your backside and go get them!

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