Subiaco looking to put some spring into its step!

So the other day the Sunday Times unveiled a proposed water park for the Patterson Stadium for when the football moves to the Perth Stadium in Burswood. See more about the story here.

While some in the property sector quaffed at this proposal – it was not far short of what really needs to happen in Subiaco.

While I am of an opinion that the water park concept is not the right mix for Subiaco – this town centre does need something to replace the current visitors, who undertake the weekly pilgrimage over winter, in the name of footy!

Subiaco has always had a draw card and one by one these have slowly diminished eg Subiaco markets, Patterson stadium etc.

And this for me tends to spell a period of economic difficulty for the locale unless the Council acts now.

Subiaco Council has to see the reality of the situation and start undertaking activities to entice a draw card to their suburb and hence inject a new vitality into the area.

If the Council fails to act decisively or with strong leadership then Subiaco will undoubtedly languish for some time.

The fact is, when the Subiaco TOD was created, it needed to be denser so that in fact the population could sustain Subiaco and its upmarket brand.

Post the redevelopment, the Council could have approved ongoing high density but they chose to not again.

If the Council again fails to act on the opportunity that is presented to them – then this could be Subiaco’s death knoll.

The suburb has always been known for its conservative nature – but if you are slipping further down the decline – that is generally the time to question, if in fact it is time to break out of the mould!

But one thing is for sure – Subiaco will need to be wise in its choice and prompt in order to counteract the potential fallout.

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