Midland showcases inspirational planning

Samantha Reece recently returned to Midland and what she saw gave her such a sense of pride that we have decided to blog about this today!

Samantha visited the MRA Midland site some 10 years ago with the Planning Institute of Australia and it was there that Kieran Kinsella sold the vision. And while Sam was optimistic – she had trouble fathoming the entire rejuvenation of this area.

When she arrived in Midland this week – the vision was clear to see.

The St John of God Hospital, which is a real asset to the area, has naturally created a medical business hub.

And the street art mixes a part humour and part history theme that is both quirky and engaging.

The housing is modern, and similar in style to the redeveloped areas of Subiaco and East Perth– which is really aspirational. And as a result of this infusion of modern design, the heritage homes and design can be really showcased.

Overall it was a sight for sore eyes.

Samantha stated that Midland was a prime case of an organisation (MRA) setting a vision and then not deviating from it.

“Too often excellence in design is compromised because of the approvals process or market conditions.

“But Midland is an excellent example of how an overarching body can co-ordinate the rejuvenation of an area so that it truly is a delight.

“The harmony of the colours with the built form, and its embrace of its working class roots has now caused me to rate Midland as one of my favourite suburbs in Perth.

“WA needs to embrace this kind of precinct planning, so we can continue the growth of our state.”

We hope this blog has spurred you into going out to visit the Midland area. It is well worth the trip – and we would love to hear your comments!

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