Compare the data - the devil is in the detail

We had a client contact us the other day with a report and asked us how our services compared.

The report provided this snapshot for unit sale prices:

Now for those of you who know Landgate – when they use the units classification that includes townhouses, duplexes, flats and also apartments.

But when PropertyESP looks at sales for apartments – we take away the rest of the data that is not relevant and then we get graphs such as these:

And this:

Or this:

Or even this:

The question is – what data gives you more guidance? Our data analysis is priced according to the number of sales records we review. So if you have 250 sales to look at the price is $750. If there are 500 sales then $1500, 750 sales $2250.

If you are serious about understanding the market and what is happening in your locale an investment of $2250 will give you the data you need to configure your next development and set the pricing. Basically - it guides you on what is selling, in which location, so that you can build a development that will sell (rather than having apartments that you can't shift).

It is all about the detail and that is what PropertyESP does best!

If you would like to know more contact Sam Reece on 0452 067 117.

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