Apartment results show tick of approval

Research released today by WA Apartment Advocacy, in advance of the Property Council Multi Unit conference tomorrow, shows that location, lock and leave and mobility ranked as the top three reasons why WA apartment livers had chosen to buy their current apartment.

The Research, which was distributed nationally with the assistance of Strata Community Association (SCA), reflected 760 WA respondents, of a total of 3312 apartment owners and renters.

WA owners tended to be professionals (44%), managers (16%) and retirees (12.5%) with respondents having lived in their apartment from 1 year right through to ten plus.

WA Apartment Advocacy Director Samantha Reece stated that the preference for large apartments was undoubtedly a continuing trend.

“In 2017 - 53% of respondents would seek to buy a three bedroom apartment next and in 2019 – 47.4% are still seeking this choice,” Ms Reece said.

“62% of the respondents also favoured apartment living because it was easy to care for, it was the right size (57%) and it was secure (51%). 39.8% of the respondents also just simply liked the apartment lifestyle.

“This research once again reinforces that housing choice is a crucial element to any healthy community. We don’t need to just have diversity of housing types, but further choices again in terms of size and configuration as well as amenities.”

The research also demonstrated that only 12% of the respondents would not recommend the apartment lifestyle.

Ms Reece said that the research however did reinforce that the State Government’s focus on MetroNet was a valid model for Perth’s population growth.

“70.3% of the respondents liked that their apartment was near public transport, close to shops (63.8) and restaurants and cafés (62.9%),” Ms Reece said.

“This also reinforces the atypical apartment liver, who enjoys all the free time associated with living in an apartment, which then is in close proximity to great services. For apartment livers, this is a perfect match.”

But as Ms Reece pointed out, Perth still had a love affair with water views.

“On par with the 2017 research 45.9% would still choose to buy near the coast and 32.9% by the river and so we have to recognise that not all apartments should be confined to the Metronet model, as choice of locations is also important.”